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brew-journal is a web site for people to track the status and progress of their homebrews.

The source for this site is available on under the New BSD license.

NOTE! brew-journal is somewhere between alpha and beta. I (jsled, the author) am adding my own historical journal entries and future journal entries to the site, so I'm highly motivated to keep the data safe from both site failure and schema changes as the code progresses … at the same time, you should note that the code is in (sometimes very slow) development, and I've not yet authored any export functionality. Caveat user.

That being said: please sign up and try it out! I would love bug reports and any and all feedback, positive and negative included. As well, please feel free to contact me at jsled [at] asynchronous [dot] org before more formal contact/feedback mechanisms are established.

As well, join some friendly homebrewers in ##homebrew on

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